"Det är synd att 99% av
journalisterna skall fördärva
förtroendet för en hel yrkeskår"

"Ormar äro älskliga varelser,
om man råkar tillhöra samma
(Artur Lundkvist)

"Ju längre ett samhälle
kommer från sanningen,
desto mer kommer detta
samhälle att hata dem
som säger sanningen"
(George Orwell)

"Den som gifter sig med
tidsandan blir snabbt änka."

"Civiliserade är de kulturer
och individer som respekterar
(hört på Axesskanalen)

"Det tragiska med vanligt
sunt förnuft är att det
inte är så vanligt."
(Albert Einstein)

"Halv kristendom tolereras
men föraktas.
Hel kristendom respekteras
men förföljs."

"För att komma till flodens
källa måste man simma
mot strömmen."
(Stanislaw Jerzy Lec)

"Jag noterar att alla de
människor, som är för
abort, redan är födda."
(Ronald Reagan)

The Holocaust

(On my Swedish site I have several, much more substantial articles, regarding the Holocaust. Hopefully these articles will eventually be translated to English. In the meantime Google Translate will enable English speaking people to read my Swedish articles, or at least get an idea of the content.)

From a person who denies the Holocaust I got a pamphlet, written by the French "historian" Robert Faurisson. He is one of the main figures in the Revisionistic movement, which tries to prove that there never was a Holocaust and that the whole thing is part of a conspiracy planned by the Zionists, who intend to take over the world. After spending the summer 1998 reading somewhere around 3 000 pages about the Holocaust, I wrote this reply:

Mr. Faurisson's short tract gives me the impression of being just a piece of paper full of empty, unverified statements. The introduction says for example, "No one has been able to refute any of the facts presented..." That is definitely not true. It is very easy to refute a lot of Mr. Faurisson's so called "facts", which I will do in the following text. Some of his arguments are very naive. Faurisson says for instance that it is impossible that the work crew could enter the gas chambers immediately after the gassing. I don't know what he means with "immediately", but with good evacuation fans it would be possible to enter the chambers after, let us say, five minutes or so (I will discuss this in more detail later). Besides, the crew who entered the chambers to take care of the bodies were Sonderkommando Jews, who thus were very dispensable. So if some of them died from remaining gas, that would hardly have disturbed the operations at all. On the contrary. The rest of the arguments concerning the gas chambers are on the same level. When Mr. Faurisson for instance asks, "How could salts and water make gas?", I feel embarrassed on his behalf.

Firstly he exposes a deep ignorance of chemistry. Of course, he is not a chemist but a "historian". A lot of salts can create gases when mixed with water according to a friend of mine, who is a professor of chemistry at the University of Stockholm. As an example he mentioned potassium cyanide (KCN). If you mix this salt with water (not distilled water) it will give off a lethal gas. And what a layman calls "salts" might not be salts in the chemical sense. If I put sodium in water it will produce hydrogen gas.

Secondly this has nothing to do with the actual gassings. The only gases that were used systematically (maybe they tried other gasses) were carbon monoxide (CO) and Zyklon B. CO was produced by running combustion engines, so no water or salts were used here. I have never heard that water was used together with Zyklon B either. Zyklon B consists of crystals that evaporate in warm air. The heat was produced by the warmth of the bodies in the gas chamber. That is the reason why it was necessary to pack hundreds of people in a rather small volume. When small numbers of prisoners were to be executed, Zyklon B could not be used, because the temperature in the gas chamber did not rise enough. So in those cases prisoners were either shot or were injected with phenol in the heart.

Robert Jay Lifton, Professor of Psychiatry, School of Medicine at Yale University, has interviewed 28 former Nazi doctors and one pharmacist. Five of the doctors had worked in concentration camps and six others had been involved in the T-4 program (the euthanasia program—see below). They did not deny that gassing was used systematically. On the contrary. They described the procedures in detail. In a lecture, called "Medicalized killing in Auschwitz", given at the Fourth Yad Vashem International Historical Conference, January 1980, Professor Lifton describes the procedure when a train with Jews arrived as follows:

The SS doctor made the initial large-scale "selections" of arriving Jewish inmates at the Birkenau ramp. The task was performed quickly, massively and often according to formula, so that old people, children and women with children were all automatically selected for gas, while relatively intact young adults were permitted to survive, at least temporarily. The great majority of arriving Jews—most estimates are of more than 70 percent—were quickly sent to the gas chamber.... The SS doctor was then driven in a vehicle, usually marked with a red cross, together with a medical technician and the gas pellets, to a gas chamber adjoining one of the crematoria. There the doctor had supervisory responsibility for properly carrying out the process, though the medical technician actually inserted the gas pellets and the entire sequence became so routine that little intervention was required. The doctor also had the task of declaring those inside the gas chamber dead, which in some cases meant looking through a peephole to observe them. This too, became routinized, a matter of permitting twenty minutes or so to pass before the doors of the gas chamber could be opened and the bodies removed (so now we know what "immediately" means).

Typical for Faurisson's reasoning is when he talks about the biography of Rudolf Höss as something Höss is "supposed to have written". Many historians have investigated the Holocaust and as far as I know no one more than Faurisson has denied that Höss wrote his so called confessions. However I shall not dwell on Faurisson's little pamphlet more than necessary. It is much more meaningful to prove what happened than trying to disprove Mr. Faurisson's arguments. He could come with an infinite number of empty statements about the Holocaust and I could spend the rest of my life trying to refute them. He could even try to deny that Hitler ever existed. And who knows, maybe that is also a Jewish lie? Maybe there never was a WWII?! I have only read about it, so how could I be sure. And even if I thought I had participated, I could have been hypnotized to believe so.

I am now going to give you 24 different reasons why I believe that Jews, Gypsies, homosexuals and other groups were being exterminated systematically by the Nazis.

1. You (and Faurisson) say that there is no reason to believe that Hitler had any evil plans for the Jews (and other groups). That is not true. I have read Hitler's Mein Kampf and there is no question about it that he hates the Jews, and from what he says in this book, the Holocaust is nothing more than the logical conclusion. Of course you could say that Mein Kampf was not written by Hitler. But that seems rather absurd. So why not claim that the version which can be bought now is rewritten by some evil Jew and that the original version never threatened the Jews at all. That theory, however, is very easy to disprove. There was a copy of Mein Kampf in every German home the years before and during the war (and a lot of Swedish homes as well, I have seen copies of it, printed before the war, in bookshelves). It would be very easy to check if the text is the same in copies of Mein Kampf printed today as in copies printed in Germany before the war.

2. Besides Mein Kampf there are lots and lots of recorded speeches (sound and film) by Mr. Hitler (and by Göring, Goebbels, Himmler etc.) in which the Jews are mentioned in a way that makes the Holocaust very likely. I have personally and with my own ears heard speeches by Hitler where he explicitly says that the Jews "soon will stop laughing" and that they will regret that they ever were born. That all these recordings should be forgeries seems utterly unlikely not to say impossible.

Goebbels wrote in his diary 13 December 1942, "I believe both the British and the Americans are happy that we are exterminating the Jewish riff-raff." (This quotation is from Paul Johnson's A history of the Jews, HarperPerennial, 1987. Paul Johnson is an eminent conservative historian, who is very respected even among people who don't agree with his general world view. All his books are very well documented.)

If by the way Olof Palme had been accused of exterminating Laps or Finns, that would have been a real surprise to everyone and very unlikely, because nowhere in his writings or in his speeches has he ever suggested anything of that kind. This is evidently not the case with Hitler related to the Jews.

3. The cruelty of the German armed forces, especially on the eastern front, makes the Holocaust scenario likely, or at least not unlikely. The treatment of for instance Soviet POW:s (prisoners of war) shows that the German version of the total war, was a war not only against other countries, but also against 'undesirable' humanity as such. During the Ardennes' Offensive on the western front the Germans applied the same type of warfare when they systematically killed thousands and thousands of POW:s. There are several documents (I will return to the authenticity of WW2 documents later) from Jodl, Keitl etc (the highest Commanders of the Wehrmacht who worked directly under Hitler himself), which prove that this "total war" was not only sanctioned by Hitler but directly ordered by him.

4. "Der Kristallnacht" and similar incidents (systematic and very cruel persecution of Jews in Germany, Austria and occupied territories—forcing Jews to wear the Star of David and locking them up in ghettos where they slowly were starved to death etc.) show again and again the Nazi attitude towards the Jews.

5. Thousands of diaries, written by camp prisoners. Members of the Sonderkommando (the Jews who were forced to work with the bodies of the killed prisoners) in Auschwitz wrote diaries in which they noted names, ranks etc. of Nazi officers and prisoners, how many were killed, actions of particular cruelty etc, to be used after the war as evidence. These diaries were in some cases buried in the ground and found after the war. Should all these diaries, written by suffering human beings in the narrowland of death, be just lies? Extremely unlikely! Much more unlikely than the hypothesis that Faurisson, because of his hatred for the Jewish people, sitting in his comfortable armchair, sipping on a nice cup of tea, tries to rewrite history to suit his own purpose.

6. Evidence from hundreds of thousands of survivors of the Holocaust. Steven Spielberg, who right now is documenting the Holocaust by making a film with interviews of 50 000 survivors (I am not sure of this number exactly, but it is something like that). A couple of months ago he was awarded a high German medal because of this film (which then must mean that the top politicians in Germany are bought by the Jewish conspiracy, if your scenario is correct—how likely is that?). I have personally talked with several survivors and I have no reason at all to question what they told me. Of course a few survivors could not have seen everything. But the critical interpretation of testimonies from thousands of survivors, can give you a rather good overall picture of what was going on.

7. German documents from before and during the war. In the Nuremberg Trial thousands of documents were used. The defense attorneys were all Germans. They were initially skeptical to the trial, because they believed it would be nothing more than the victor's revenge. After the trial they all admitted that it had been a fair trial. The only documents that were accepted by the defense, were original documents with stamp of authenticity signed by German archivists.

8. Thousands of confessions made by SS officers, soldiers etc. (and doctors mentioned above). During the Nuremberg trial no one tried to deny the Holocaust itself. Göring, perhaps the number two in Germany, who knew a lot of what was happening, never denied the Holocaust. He declared he was innocent and blamed "Himmler and his gang of psychopaths". Adolf Eichmann admitted the Holocaust during the trial in Israel, although he meant that he had only obeyed orders. He knew better than anyone else all the details (how many were killed etc.) and he never denied the official figures of about 6 million Jews (besides perhaps a million or so Gypsies, Soviet pow:s etc.). That all these high ranking Nazi prisoners should have been tortured, hypnotized or scared to say what the prosecutors wanted them to say, is extremely unlikely. Many of them, especially officers as Field Marshal Keitl etc., were probably very brave men, and it would have been very difficult to scare them. Besides, they were often arrogant and self-assured when they tried to defend themselves and deny their own part in the Holocaust. When Göring made his final speech during the trial, he spoke freely (and very arrogantly) for hours and hours, to prove his own innocence. No one tried to stop him, although several of the judges complained that Göring's speeches took too much time.

9. All piles of spectacles, shoes, false teeth, hair etc that were found in the camps, speak of many, many dead people, although this doesn't show how they died. The methodical and almost industrial way the remains from millions of people were collected and used (as indicated by documtents and testimonies), bears witness to how death had become an industry in the Third Reich.

10. The Holocaust is compatible with the hatred against the Jewish people that has flourished in especially Europe during the last 1500 years. The Holocaust is not unlikely if you consider the persecutions that had been going on, especially in eastern Europe. Or do the Revisionists also deny all the pogroms in Russia, Poland etc?

11. Einsatzgruppen (A, B and C), which shot hundreds of thousands of Jews in Ukraine, Latvia, Soviet Union etc. There are photographs taken by Wehrmacht soldiers during such occasions. Eventually there came an order from Himmler that soldiers on leave should not be admitted to such executions. There are many German documents that give proof of the Einsatzgruppen's sinister activities. To take just one example, there is a letter, dated November 15 1941, from Reichskommissar Lohse in Riga to the Minister for the Eastern Territories concerning the final solution. Lohse writes, "Will you please inform me whether your inquiry of October 31 should be interpreted as a directive to liquidate all the Jews in Ostland? Is this to be done regardless of age, sex and economic requirements?" (Nuremberg Document PS-3663). If the Nazis exterminated Jews by shooting them, why should it be incredible that they gassed them? How they were killed does not really matter!

In a report, written by SS Sturmbannführer Magill, some details about the Sonderkommando activities are given. He writes, "The driving of women and children into the marshes did not have the expected success, because the marshes were not so deep that one could sink. After a depth about a meter there was in most cases solid ground (probably sand) preventing complete sinking.... The Ukrainian clergy were very cooperative and made themselves available for every Aktion [no wonder Jews are on their guard when they meet Christians—my comment]" (Kriegestagebuch des Kommandostabes Reichsführer SS, Vienna, 1965, page 217-220.

12. Censuses made before and after the war, show that about six million Jews were missing when the war was over. What happened to them? When evaluating this evidence, historians have taken factors as; demographic changes among the Jewish communities, border changes in various countries and fluctuations in the size of the Jewish population due to the refugee movement, into consideration. So the figure six million is not taken out of thin air. Although the number of Jews in Poland etc. before the war is not known exactly, we know very well how many Dutch Jews that survived. Of the about 110 000 Dutch Jews that were deported, only around 6 000 returned home after the war. What happened to the rest? And there are very, very good reasons to believe that a much higher proportion of the Jews in the east were killed, than Jews from occupied western Europe. The European Jews were used by Himmler as hostages when he negotiated to achieve a separate peace with Great Britain and USA. So many Dutch Jews' lives were spared for this very purpose.

13. Evidence from American, British etc soldiers who liberated the camps. On several occasions all the remaining SS guards were shot on the spot. This was illegal, but what the soldiers saw when they entered the camps sometimes caused extremely strong reactions. When the 102nd Infantry Division in the 9th Army came to Gardenlegen, some 1 100 prisoners had been burned alive in a silo. The hostile attitude of the local population did not come to an end with the liberation. The inhabitants of Gardenlegen refused to bury the victims. Only under threat of being shot did they bury the charred corpses with a military burial ceremony. I read of one occasion when an American soldier got so upset that he went to a village nearby the camp and started shooting every German he saw until he was stopped. Wrong? Yes! But it shows a lot of things about the camps.

G I A Draper, a prosecutor during several trials against Nazis described during a Holocaust conference 1980 in Israel what had happened when British military units entered the Bergen-Belsen Camp.

Men and women clad in rags and barely able to move from starvation and typhus, lay in their straw bunks in every state of filth and degradation. The dead and dying could not be distinguished.... Investigation disclosed that about 17 000 corpses had been cremated by the SS staff in the preceding month. Many bodies displayed the effects of tortures and gross floggings. British army doctors, going through the verminous and stinking barracks, marked a red cross on the foreheads of those they thought had a chance of surviving.
Those responsible for the crime were duly brought to trial before the British military court, including Commandant Kramer, aged 38. Shortly before he was executed, he made a statement in my presence. He made a detailed statement about Auschwitz-Birkenau camp, where he had served under Commandant Höss, whom he described as "an inhuman monster" and a "yellow coward" who had run away, whereas he, Kramer, had remained at his "duty post"... "I would not like to be the people in Berlin who give me these terrible orders to carry out." He encouraged me to seek out Höss. Auschwitz-Birkenau, he said, had seen the extermination of some four million Jews and others, brought by transports from all over Europe to die in the gas chambers, after a selection of the best physical specimens by the SS doctors were sent to work.

14. Sometimes Revisionists say that there are no documents containing clear orders to exterminate the Jews. It is true that there are few (if any) documents where the gassing is mentioned explicitly. Hitler always gave this type of order orally. On the other hand we have the protocol from the Wannsee Conference, during which the Final Solution was decided. The term "gassing" or similar is never used in this document, but it is quite clear what was planned. The protocol talks about using the Jews as skilled workers until they can be replaced by Poles etc. In the end we read, "In conclusion there was a discussion of the various possible forms which the solution might take, and here both Gauleiter Dr Meyer and Secretary of State Dr Bühler were of the opinion that certain preparatory work for the final solution should be carried out locally in the area, but that, in doing so, alarm among the population must be avoided. [alarm for what?—my comment]" (Nuremberg Document NG-2586-G). Several other documents mention the extermination of the Jews, although they do not talk of gassing.

Another revisionistic argument seems to say that all or most of the gas chambers were built after the war. Part of that is of course true. It is well known and quite natural, that when the Germans retreated in front of the advancing Red Army, they tried to destroy as much evidence as they could. They used explosives to demolish the gas chambers and crematoria. Sometimes they fled in such haste that there was no time to do this. In other cases, like Treblinka, the whole camp was leveled and trees planted all over the area, and almost no trace of what had been going on was left. In Treblinka many prisoners were buried without cremation, especially in the beginning of the exterminations. When Treblinka was to be closed down, surviving prisoners were ordered to dig up all the corpses and burn them. They were assisted by bulldozers, driven by Ukrainian Hilfs-Polizei, to speed up the procedure. Although the plan were to kill the prisoners when they had finished their task, things didn't work out as planned. On August 2nd 1943 there was an uprising in the camp. Several SS guards were killed and many prisoners managed to escape. Some of them were caught and executed (many peasants in the region caught escapees, took their money and then handed them over to the Germans). Most of those who succeeded in escaping, joined the partisans and many were killed in skirmishes between partisans and Germans. Of the 850 prisoners in the camp at that time, at least 100 escaped and successfully eluded being caught. About 60 - 70 were still alive at the end of the war. So there were several witnesses who could tell the world about what had happened in Treblinka during the Holocaust period. And I find it much easier to believe them than to believe Mr. Faurisson.

15. During the Nuremberg Trial, as pointed out above, all the leading Nazis admitted what had happened. This is very, very heavy evidence!

16. Death marches during the end of the war. Shows a total indifference to human suffering from the Nazis. All prisoners who could not walk were shot immediately on the spot. At the Holocaust Research Center in Brooklyn, there is a diary written by a British soldier, a prisoner of war, who was forced to work on a farm near Stutthof. The diary describes various phenomena, including the women's death march after the first evacuation of the camp in January 1945. A girl who escaped during that march was saved thanks to the British soldier and his friends in his unit. There are several German documents with explicit orders regarding these marches.

17. Not one leading German politician, author, journalist etc has tried to deny the Holocaust after the war. On the contrary Germany has paid more than one thousand billion Marks in compensation to the victims of the Holocaust. Even today, Germany pays 1.25 billion Marks each year to victims. If the Holocaust had been a bluff, there would be millions of Germans, who knew this, and there would have been thousands of organizations fighting for the truth. Leading German writers would have written hundreds of books trying to prove that there had been no extermination of Jews. But they haven't. Why not? Because there are millions of Germans who know that there was a Holocaust and they are very ashamed. Some of them have participated in the Holocaust, others have seen it or heard their parents talk about it.

And if there had been no Holocaust, most of the people fighting against the "Holocaust myth", would not have been anti-Semites, but just ordinary people fighting for the truth. But such Revisionists seem to be absent or at least very rare. So far the only people I have met, who deny the Holocaust, are people who seem to entertain an intense hatred for the Jews. I am sorry to admit it, but you give me that impression as well. Different things you have said during the years I have known you, have strengthened this feeling. When I look at Revisionist sites on the Internet I get the same impression.

18. Prisoners who managed to escape from the camps (they were rather few—from the seventeen camps at Auschwitz 627 prisoners escaped of which 270 were caught and executed) told directly after their escape about the atrocities in the camps. On one occasion a prisoner who had fled from a camp managed to get a letter to London about what happened there.

19. The T-4 organization or "Operation Euthanasia"—the killing of mental patients and chronically ill in the Reich—shows how the respect for human life in Germany had deteriorated. In the beginning of the T-4 program the killings were made with poison injections but eventually carbon monoxide (CO) was used. Hundreds of thousands of sick Germans were killed because they were regarded as unfit for life. The T-4 program stopped in the fall of 1941 because of pressure from church groups and public opinion in Germany, although it continued in secret (poisoning and starvation replaced the gassing). Some of the personnel from the T-4 organization were transferred to the final solution. The reason for this was that the Einsatzgroups, who were exterminating Jews by shooting them, had met with severe problems. The task of shooting especially women and children in thousands was more than most people could manage, even if they drank continuously to stun what little of compassion they had left. Several of the members of these groups broke down mentally, so Himmler started to look for other methods by which large numbers of people could be killed without causing psychological problems for the executioners. In the beginning gassing was made by carbon monoxide (as in the T-4 program) but eventually this was replaced by Zyklon B.

The existence of the T-4 organization shows what the Nazis were capable to do, and how little they regarded human life. I don't know if you deny the euthanasia program as well, but it is well documented by German protocols and letters and from testimonies in the Nuremberg and other trials. In his book A sign for Cain Dr Friedric Wertham describes the T-4 program in detail. I would recommend that you read this book if you are a seeker of truth (Warner Paperback Library, New York 1973). Dr Wertham shows how the euthanasia program was planned by leading doctors, most of them famous psychiatrists, long before the Nazis came to power. Some of them had even written books where they propagated for annihilating "unworthy" lives, as mentally retarded etc. Talking about "life not worth living" "subhumans" etc were thus not invented by the Nazis but by medical doctors. A proof of human evil as good as any. Hitler just took over the euthanasia program and developed it further for his own evil purposes. But the disrespect for human life was there already (totally in line with the Darwinian perspective).

The T-4 program is another link in the chain of evidence. The Holocaust was just the T4-program in extension.

20. Some personal experiences. When I was 12 years old (1954), we had a German maid, a 22 year old girl named Karla. I remember her well. She used to tell me of the bomb strikes against Germany. Every time an airplane flew over our house in Stockholm she got scared and nervous. She also told me about what had happened when the allied soldiers came to her town in northern Germany. There was a concentration camp in the neighborhood and all Germans were forced to go there and look at what the Nazis had done. She could never forget what she had seen.

My mother and father never married and I grew up first at my grandfather's place and then with my Danish uncle. My uncle had been in Poland during the war. For a young man in Denmark, who wanted to travel, the only option in those days was to go somewhere in the nazi occupied part of Europe. So he spent some time in the Polish town of Gleiwitz, not very far from Auschwitz (Many Jews came in trains to Gleiwitz and were transferred from there to Auschwitz). There he worked as a street car driver. He became friend of a Pole and they used to listen to BBC (death penalty if they were discovered). He told me how people around Auschwitz could feel the heavy smell of burned corpses all the time. There were a lot of rumors circulating about what was done in the camps.

Of course these personal experiences does not prove anything about the gas chambers or that millions of Jews were systematically murdered, but as a link in a larger chain of evidence it is not uninteresting.

21. There are SS-documents which show how many prisoners were brought to the different camps (during the end of the war it was chaos so no reliable documents exist from that period). There are also documents showing how many survivors there were when the camps closed down and were taken over by allied troops. By comparing such documents, together with testimonies from prisoners, guards, SS doctors and Nazi Officers, evidence from censuses made (already mentioned) etc, it is possible to estimate how many were killed in the camps. I have found no reason to disbelieve the generally accepted figures of about 6 million Jews. Many of them died by other causes than gassing. Starvation and working to death were also part of the Holocaust program, not to mention all those who died from the Einsatzgruppen's activities.

Treblinka (mentioned above) was situated in Belzec, near Lublin in southeastern Poland. During 1996 to 1999 Polish archaeologists investigated the former camp area. As the Germans had destroyed all remains of the camp (buildings, gas chambers etc.) the scientists concentrated on searching for human bodies or remains of such. They found 33 big mass graves. The largest, covering an area of 70 x 30 m, contained the remains of tens of thousand of human beings. During the excavations, 2000 six meter deep holes were drilled (one hole every 5 square meters) and the drill cores were examined. The archaeologists found an upper layer of sand, then water and then from a depth of about 1.5 meters to 6 meters, human remains (burned and unburned). At the bottom was a layer of human fat and then sand. Everywhere on the ground bone fragments were found in millions. Estimations based on these investigations indicated that about 600 000 humans were buried in the area. According to SS files somewhere around 500 000 people were cremated at Treblinka. According to testimonies given by railway personnel, working at the Belzec railway station during the war, about one million prisoners were brought to the camp.

These scientific investigations, in combinations with testimonies from survivors, local people, SS archives etc., etc, show beyond any doubt that somewhere between 500 000 to 1 000 000 human beings died in the Treblinka camp during the war. Whether they were gassed or killed by other means is uninteresting. Even if the Revisionists should be right about the gas chambers (but they are wrong), the immense and unforgivable crime remains (the data above was given by the Swedish historian Stéphane Bruchfeld during a program about the Holocaust in the Swedish TV1).

The following table gives the estimated number of those who died in the death camps (there were other camps as well—labor camps etc.—in which large numbers died, but the camps below existed with the sole purpose of exterminating the Jewish people). The figures are based on evidence as given above (testimonies, censuses, protocols etc, etc).

  Highest estimates Lowest estimates
Chelmno 310,000 152,000
Belzec 600,000 600,000
Sobibor 250,000 250,000
Treblinka II 900,000 700,000
Majdanek 200,000 120,000
Auschwitz-Birkenau 2,500,000 1,200,000




The total number of victims of the Holocaust is estimated to be over 5,800,000, of which approximately 60 % died in the death camps. I believe these figures to be as reliable as figures of this type can be.

22. The medical experiments in the camps are part of the chain of evidence. These experiments are perhaps better documented than most of what happened during the Holocaust, because some of the doctors could not resist the temptation to publish their experimental results. The most illfamous of the doctors, who made these cruel experiments, were probably Joseph Mengele and Eduard Wirths. But there were many, many others. The evidence for the existence of these experiments is overwhelming. The above mentioned Professor Lifton made for instance several interviews with so called inmates-doctors (Jewish doctors who assisted the SS doctors in the camps), who had worked for Mengele, and who gave many details concerning his experiments. Thousands of survivors have also testified to the medical experiments.

The existence of these experiments (children were often used for fatal experiments—how cruel and evil can a human being get?) shows clearly how little value a Jewish life had in the concentration camps and in the Third Reich.

23. Several Swedes were engaged in rescuing Jewish and other prisoners from the concentration camps. The most well-known among them were probably Count Folke Bernadotte and the diplomat Raoul Wallenberg. Both negotiated with high ranking Nazi Officers, like Himmler and Eichmann, trying to save as many lives as they could. In an extensive correspondence and many testimonies regarding these rescue operations, a lot of details are given, which show beyond any doubt that Jews and others were exterminated systematically. Raoul Wallenberg is a hero in Israel because of what he did. It is estimated that he rescued more than 100,000 Hungarian Jews from a certain death, several times at the risk of his own life! It is absurd to maintain that Folke Bernadotte as well as Raoul Wallenberg are liars, who were bribed or hypnotized by the "Jewish World Conspiracy against mankind" (or whatever you might call it).

I don't know what you think of the so called Protocols of the Elders of Zion. Maybe you believe them to be authentic?! Paul Johnson discusses this in A History of the Jews. He writes that at some point in the 1890s a Russian agent in Paris was asked to concoct a document which could be used to demonstrate to Czar Nicholas II the danger of the alleged Jewish threat. He forged a pamphlet by Maurice Joly, written in 1864, attributing to Napoleon III ambitions to dominate the world. The original had no reference to Jews at all, but everywhere in the document "Napoleon III" was now replaced with a secret conference of Jewish leaders.

24. In Swedish television channels, newspapers, magazines etc. Israel is almost always described in a negative way. Israel is often blamed for the situation in the Middle East. Sometimes journalists even lie blatantly when they talk about Israel. If the "Jewish Conspiracy", as you seem to suggest, has total control of the mass media, why is Israel always put in such unfavorable light? And if the "Jewish Conspiracy" has no control of mass media, why don't we have television programs etc. revealing the Holocaust myth (if it was a myth)?!

Summary. I have tried to show that the total amount of evidence that the Holocaust really happened, is overwhelming. The probability that Jews and other groups were not exterminated systematically is so close to zero, as to be almost negligible. It is much more likely that there never was a Thirty Years' War or that Man has never been on the Moon. In combination with the widespread anti-Semitism all over the world, it is to be expected that people should deny the Holocaust for other reasons than seeking the truth. The fact that most (if not all) people who deny it are anti-Semites, makes my argument even stronger.

By the way, there is one thing I have noticed when neo-nazis try do refute the Holocaust. They often, at the same time, express the opinion that the Jews ought to disappear from the surface of the Earth. If they were consistent they should express their admiration for what Mr. Hitler did and perhaps say that they were sorry that he didn't have enough time to bring the final solution to it's final end—that is: not one single Jew alive. This would have been consistent, but evil. Now they are just confused and evil.

Another contradictory thing; If the Jews are as talented and resourceful as you evidently believe them to be, so that they could control Hollywood, all major newspapers and magazines, most of the politicians all over the world including the American President etc, wouldn't they deserve to rule the world, according to the theory of evolution? "Survival of the fittest!" So why fight the master Race!? I personally do not believe that they are that outstanding, I only try to draw the logical conclusions from your own postulates! (I don't deny that the Jews have a lot of influence, but I don't believe them to be almighty. I don't think they can control Germany in the way you implicitly say they can.)

Maybe you have noticed that I have not spoken very much about the gas chambers. That is because I do not think they are very interesting. How 6 million Jews were killed is much less important than the fact that they were killed. Even if there were no gas chambers, that does not lessen the guilt of the Nazis! To deport millions of people to concentration camps, just because they belonged to a certain race, is extremely evil in itself. The deportations took place under extremely severe conditions, with immense suffering, and hundreds of thousands of Jews died during these transports (or do you mean they traveled in Wagon-Lits, first class?). Let us now, for a moment, assume there were no gas chambers at all, but that the rest of the Holocaust scenario is true. Jews were transported under terrible conditions, they starved to death en mass, worked themselves to death in slave labor, died in typhus and other diseases and were shot in hundreds of thousands by Einsaztzgruppen (with mostly German and Ukrainian members). And at the end of the war they were forced to make death marches which finally killed thousands and thousands. It is estimated that the number of Jewish victims from the Stutthof camp during the two periods of evacuation (January and April 1945) came to 26 000! Even without the gas chambers, the guilt of the Nazis remains!

A pastor in my church told me about what happened during a Christian retreat he was leading somewhere in Germany in the fifties or sixties. At the beginning all participants gave a brief outline of their backgrounds. When an elderly man (and now devoted Christian) said that he had been an SS Officer during the war, another man started to cry. It turned out that the latter had Jewish background and that he was the only Holocaust survivor in his family. He wanted to leave the retreat immediately, because he hated all Nazis (although he knew very well that Jesus tells us to love our enemies—but there is sometimes a big difference between knowing what is right and being able to do it). When the pastor told him about how God forgives our sins completely and for free, and that we should do the same and forgive those who have done us wrong, he went up to the former SS Officer and embraced him, and they both started to cry. The ex-Nazi asked the Jew and the congregation to forgive what he and other Germans had done to the Jewish people during the war. If there were no Holocaust, why did the former SS Officer ask for forgiveness?! Without the Holocaust there was nothing to forgive.

You reacted strongly this Christmas when you realized that I regarded Nazism as something evil. I do! I regard it as something extremely, utterly evil and I would be willing to give my life to fight against something that is so corrupt and malign as Nazism (I have the same feelings for communism if you would like to know). So even if there were no gas chambers (which I am convinced there were), the guilt remains the same. Most founders of ideologies and religions never manage to live according to their own ideas. As far as I know there are only two exceptions from this rule. The first is Jesus Christ, who was without sin, and who with his own life showed his teachings. The other exception is Adolf Hitler, who probably was as evil as his own doctrines.

That civilized countries like Germany and Austria (the Austrians were by the way probably worse than the Germans, a very high percentage of the most cruel war criminals came from Austria) — countries that had produced outstanding spirits like Mozart, Beethoven, Gothe and Dr Albert Schweitzer, also could produce such evil monsters as the Nazi leaders, and that such a large part of the German and Austrian population could revert to such utter barbarism, is almost incredible. But facts talk stronger than feelings. That millions and millions were killed is an enormous tragedy. And now, those who were denied their right to live by Mr. Hitler and his gang of criminals, are denied the right to their own deaths as well, when the Revisionists say they never died. That makes the tragedy even worse. Or as one survivor put it, "I lost all my family at Auschwitz-Birkenau, and now they say that is a lie. But why haven't I seen them since we were separated at the Birkenau ramp? Where are they today?" Maybe you have an answer?!

I hope that my arguments will make you change your opinion in this matter. I feel sad that a person I like so much should base part of his life on something I am utterly convinced is a lie. And an evil lie! But, as we say in Sweden, it is difficult to teach old dogs to sit. So probably this letter is totally wasted in that sense. However, I have at least convinced myself more than ever before, that the Revisionists are wrong. So many thanks for that!

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